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Yoga Gently - A softer, gentler approach to a yoga practice.  Appropriate for all levels, including beginners and seniors who can get up and down from the floor without assistance.

Tighten N'Tone - A group weight workout in the studio that is suitable for all fitness levels.  All major muscle groups will be targeted using a variety of strength exercises.

Indoor Cycling - Scenic Guide Ride - Enjoy a ride through the Ozarks, along the beach in Daytona, or around the Grand Canyon with our state-of-the-art virtual spin options at Cornerstone.  Each ride is virtual and narrated by an off-screen instructor, the scenic route changes every month.

Chair Fit - Get fit with the support of a motivating team and a chair.  This class utilizes low impact, chair-based cardio, along with some strength work using bands, light weights and body weight.  This class provides just enough support and simplicity to be the perfect exercise prescription for seniors, those who may be returning to exercise after an injury or adults looking for a change from more sedentary lifestyle.  For all fitness levels.

Beginning T'ai Chi and Gong: the Yang 13 posture form - For beginners of all ages and abilities, this a 6 week intro to the ancient Chinese martial art, exercise and moving meditation known as T'ai Chi Chuan.  This dedicated series is designed so that students will learn several postures each week and by week 6, perform the complete 13 posture Yang form.  Students can count on taking home two things from every class - a new T'ai Chi posture, and a few movements of stillness gained in the reknowned "flow" of T'ai Chi.  With regular practice, students can expect some health benefits within 1 or 2 weeks.

Aquatic Exercise Program (arthritis foundation) - This program is designed specifically for people with arthritis and related conditions.  It has proved to reduce pain and stiffness, build strength, and increase range of motion, balance and endurance.  Taught by certified instructor Dot Maybaum, this program can benefit participants of all levels - from those who are already exercising to those who have been sedentary due to limited mobility.  Takes place in the healing pool.  All levels welcome.

Introduction to Meditation - In this 4 week workshop, find out what meditation really is, what the benefits are, and how different styles vary.  Different styles will be discussed each week with an opportunity to practice at home.  You will also learn how to set yourself up for successful meditation practice with tips for stretching, breathing, etc.  This class is appropriate for anyone wanting to learn how to improve their quality of life.

Virtual Cycling - Led by an on-screen, virtual coach, this indoor cycling class allows you to enjoy the scenery while improving your cardio fitness level.  Class lengths vary from 45 - 60 minutes.

Pilates Mat - Pilates is a total body workout that stretches and strengthens core musculature as well as the back, hips, thighs and gluteal muscles.  Small apparatus, such as rings and balls may also be utilized.  For all fitness levels!

Ai Chi - In the Water - Let the warmth of our healing pool relax and unwind in this meditative Tai Chi class adapted specifically for the water.

Deep Water Aerobics - An aerobic exercise class that allows you to work hard but is still gentle on the joints.  Perfect for people with arthritis who want to exercise but have joint pain.  Held in the deep end of the pool, participants wear flotation belts for support.  No swimming ability necessary.  All levels welcome!

Yin Yoga - A meditative practice of long-held postures, designed to complement the more active (Vinyasa) style practices.  This class opens the body to become more flexible while energizing the organ meridians.  Appropriate for all levels.

T'ai Chi - Calm the mind and slow the body in this traditional T'ai Chi program.  Each class involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing.  Postures flow into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion.

Move Well, Age Well - Do you want to ensure that you live the life you want and not let your physical health hold you back?  Have the confidence to travel, play with grandkids, and live independently.  Work to improve your balance, coordination, mobility and ability to get up and down off the floor so you can live life to the fullest.

Intro to Circuit Training - Learn fun, new gym exercises in a non-intimidating setting.  Improve strength and cardiovascular endurance using pieces of equipment such as resistance bands, stability balls, dumbbells and more, increasing your "toolbox" for your home exercise program.

Class Pass - Use the Group Exercise Class Card for 6 classes to try a variety of classes at Cornerstone Fitness and Spa.  Passes can be used for any classes that is included in membership but cannot be used for classes that require an extra fee.  Try Yoga, Water Fitness, Spinning and more!  Go to to see the schedule.

  • All classes run for 8 weeks unless otherwise noted
  • Cornerstone Warrington located at 865 Easton Road, Warrington, PA 18976

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